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New York Times Adds a Twist to Hyperlinks

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The Gray Lady still has some tricks up her frayed and tattered sleeve.

The Atlantic noticed that the New York Times updated its internal hyperlinks and allowed for special commands for more user control. Similar to cuing YouTube videos at a specific point, special code can be added at the end of URLs to link to or highlight specific paragraphs and sentences. Intended for bloggers to underscore certain passages, it's still a nifty trick for sharing excerpts between day-to-day readers.

The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal gives the rundown using as the base URL:

Madrigal notes that although the system is new to the Times, it's not entirely groundbreaking. David Winer introduced the concept of paragraph-level links and the code has been implemented into a Wordpress plugin created by Daniel Bachhuber. But as with the Times' code, limitations to the programming causes it to fail after a story's been updated.

Hopefully, more sites adopt paragraph-level linking so that a standard could be set. If the Web keeps evolving, URLs shouldn't be any different.
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