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New Mattel Dolls Target Twilight Tweens

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Mattel's flagship Barbie line has been criticized for portraying an unrealistic body image and influencing generations of preteen girls to develop eating disorders. So a new group of dolls that fosters a fascination with fangs, scar tissue, and lycanthropy can widely be considered a step up.

But the toymaker's new Monster High doll line -- featuring famous monsters' offspring -- isn't too far off from Malibu beach houses and closeted male companions. The Los Angeles Times' Andrea Chang explains:

"There's Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, who is vegan and faints at the sight of blood. Her best friend Clawdeen Wolf, whose father is Werewolf, spends much of her time plucking and shaving her excessive, fast-growing hair. And classmate Frankie Stein, who sports stitches just like dad Frankenstein, loves to shop for 'scary cute clothes that are absolutely to die for.' "

The new characters appear to be cashing in on the Twlight craze -- though a year or two too late -- which led tween girls down the admirable path of horror fiction but completely botched the execution with laughable plots, a helpless female protagonist, and sparkling vampires. And while the effort is laudable, Mattel's toy line seems to follow that trend with monster kids who are still obsessed with fashion and self-image. In other words, the perfect toy for preteen Twilight fans.

General manager for Mattel Brands Tim Kiplin described the toys' origin to the Times. "Who doesn't feel like a freak in high school? It started with that universal truth."

Unfortunately for Mattel, the toy line doesn't hit the teen freak demographic as well as a Richard Matheson novel and a copy of Disintegration.
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