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New Lottery Simulator Brings the Thrill of Losing Right to Your PC!

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J.D. Roth's has created an online lottery simulator that will dash your admittedly misplaced hopes and dreams of, well, getting rich quick.

Roth writes:

Just how foolish is it to play the lottery? It depends on the game you play, of course. I once calculated that for every buck my brother spent on a scratch-off game, he could expect to get roughly fifty cents in return. (That’s if he bought a bunch of tickets, of course. If you only buy a few, anything can happen.)

It’s even more depressing to take a look at the odds for lottery drawings. Here, for instance, are the odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery. They’re not good. You have about a one in forty chance of winning something. Your odds of winning the big jackpot (by matching the five main numbers and the bonus number) are roughly 1 in 175,000,000.

CLICK HERE or ON THE GRAPHIC BELOW to start your own losing streak, right from the comfort of your own home!

Roth's own results were less-than-stellar:

I wrote down my results for 100 consecutive plays. (I used “quick pick” and “play these numbers 1040″ times.) In other words, that’s the equivalent of playing Mega Millions twice a week for one thousand years. In a millennium of playing the lottery twice a week, I never once won big. My biggest prize was $500. Other stats:
    • I “invested” $104,000 in the lottery simulator.
    • I “won” $11,554.
    • Thus, my total return was -88.89%.
    • After 100 virtual ten-year periods, the average I had left after putting $1040 into the lottery was $115.54.
Good luck!


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