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New Google Trend Thingy Sheds Light on History of Economic Thought

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A long time ago, people read “books” (rhymes with cooks), which were basically a bunch of pieces of paper with words written on them that were bound together by glue. Crazy, I know.

But we can actually learn a lot about ourselves by going back to these “books” and seeing what kinds of things people were writing about inside of them. And thanks to this new Google lab function, you can do just that.

Google Books Ngram Viewer searches through a whole lot of “books” from the past, and will show the number of times any given phrase has appeared in those books.

For those interested in the history of economic thought, this can illustrate it (and it's also a great way to waste some time).

Let’s take a look at a few trends.

Inflation vs. Deflation

Bull market vs. Bear Market

Bonds vs. Stocks

America vs. China vs. Screwed

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