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New Commercial Airline 'Seat' No Longer Even Pretends to Offer Comfort, Safety Or Seating

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Do you find you have entirely too much legroom when flying coach these days? If so, an Italian company has got your back, with a new airline seat that uses a saddle-like design to cram passengers into less than two feet of space.

Aveointeriors' SkyRider seat, set to be unveiled at an aircraft interior convention this week, is envisioned as a cheaper-than-coach option for short flights up to three hours. Which really isn't an unprecedented level of seating discomfort, the company's director suggests, since cowboys "ride eight hours on their horses during the day and still feel comfortable in the saddle." See, road warriors? The airlines aren't treating you like cattle, just like cowherds.

USA Today speculates that Ireland's Ryanair, which has has floated the idea of standing-room flights, will be taking a good look at saddle-class flying. No surprise there, this being the airline that recently pioneered pay-as-you-pee restrooms and now wants to do away with co-pilots.

According to Aveointeriors, a couple American carriers are among those that have expressed interest. No word on which ones, but Spirit, we've got our eye on you.
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