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New Apple Guidelines Could Permit Google Voice on iPhones

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If one were to look for the first shot in the seething Google-Apple rivalry -- the tech world's assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, if you will -- one might pinpoint two incidents in July 2009. It was then that Apple denied admission of a Google Latitude app for the iPhone and unceremoniously removed the Google Voice app from its App Store. This one-two punch led a chain of events which included Google CEO Eric Schmidt stepping down from Apple's board of directors and an antitrust investigation against the two parties and AT&T by the FCC.

The battle has since intensified, but while the war rages on, iPhone users may soon see a break in combat. While it's not a white flag waved from a trench, it's a temporary cease fire at the very least.

Yesterday when Apple released its new set of guidelines for app developers, Sean Kovacs -- developer of the third party Google Voice app GV Mobile -- noticed his software didn't fall under any of the 100+ rules. According to TechCrunch, Kovacs contacted Apple's approval board to check on the status, and after a year of ignored messages and red tape, the company told Kovacs that he may resubmit the app for review. In fact, Kovacs even posted a Twitter update which read that the app "will most likely get back in."

Of course, judging from his Admiral Ackbar profile photo, this could all be a trap.

Nevertheless, if iPhone users close their eyes and wish really hard, they could see a Google Voice app back on their Apple devices.

Soon to be followed by another bunker-buster and return to battle.
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