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New 4D Gaming Product Sounds Cool But Might Just Be a Vibrator

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The Nintendo 3DS will be released in the United States in just a little over a week, offering gamers the ability to play classics like Zelda…in the third dimension!!!! But thanks to this report from Bloomberg, the first handheld 3D console already seems archaic. That’s because there’s already a new toy out there which claims to allow gamers to play…in the fourth dimension!!!!

As you surely remember from your Fundamentals of Vector Analysis class, the fourth dimension can refer to a few different things. In physics, it has something to do with time. In math, it has something to do with vectors. In cognition, it has something to do with intuitive spatial relations.

In the case of gaming, the fourth dimension refers to…actually I have absolutely no idea which fourth dimensional quality we’re talking about here, but sweet mama four is always better than three so let’s check it out!

The product in question, the Kor-FX by Immerz, is a device that sits over the user’s shoulders and sends low-frequency vibrations into a person’s chest cavity based on the audio generated by whatever game is being played. The device works with any console. According to the product’s website, these vibrations let “users actually feel the experience.”

By which they mean “gamers, in particular, benefit from KOR-fx because of its unique ability to provide directional feedback, creating an uncanny ‘7th Sense’ awareness of where the next move is coming from, which can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a competitive virtual environment.”

To recap, we’re talking 4 dimension and 7 senses, for a grand total of 28 dimensenses!

All for just $189.99!

Below is the original video report from Bloomberg. If anyone can explain just what the hell this thing claims to be doing and how, the floor is yours.

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