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Necco Wafers Seek Buyer or Partner

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There’s a lot of delicious candy out there: SweetTarts, Gummy Bears, Shocktarts, Gobstoppers, Chuckles, Snickers, Peanut Chews, SweetTarts, etc. etc. etc.

But only one candy can boast that it’s been around so long that it’s conceivable that Abraham Lincoln ate it (which, to be clear, we have absolutely no idea whether or not he did, we’re just saying that for dramatic effect.)

Necco Wafers have been around since 1847, making them one of the oldest candies still in production. And somehow, Necco has avoided the fate of most other candy companies that have been gobbled up by Nestle or Hershey’s.

But life at the New England Confectionary Co. (NECCO) may soon change. The company has retained the investment banking firm Sawaya Segalas & Co. to help find a strategic partner for a possible sale.

USA Today reports that Necco is still “prepared to continue as a stand-alone company and that production for the holiday season and Valentine’s Day would not be affected.”

So there’s no need to panic. But in the meantime, we whole-heartedly suggest going out and savoring this candy before any big changes go down.

Because remember, the next time you bite into a Necco wafer, you’re biting into a piece of history. And often, given how every single pack is covered in dust and utterly stale, we do mean this quite literally.
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