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NBC Cribs Own Press Release to Hype Awful Show

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We're almost a month into the new fall season and two programs have been stricken from the schedule: Lone Star and My Generation. Critics were relatively kind to these shows, and given enough time to develop, they might've found an audience. But as with the majority of new programs, it's all or nothing straight out of the gate.

Unless, of course, you're NBC and need to justify millions spent on advertising and desperately claw for any potential hit as if it's a leaky life preserver.

After two aired episodes, critics and audiences haven't been kind to NBC's new Thursday night comedy, Outsourced, which follows an uncompelling American working overseas at an Indian call center full of equally uncompelling characters. The writing is lazy, the jokes are cliche, and the stories are sloppy. So it would come as a bit of a surprise to see Entertainment Weekly refer to it as a "hilarious culture clash." Even the most misguided media publication -- and EW is certainly up there as a candidate -- wouldn't go so far as to call Outsourced hilarious.

Turns out, it didn't.

According to Deadline Hollywood, a recent NBC promo for the program featured pull quotes from Hollywood Reporter and EW. Most people already know of the careful phrase selection studios use to make a project sound amazing, so EW's "hilarious culture clash" immediately sounded fishy. And it was: The phrase was lifted from the network's own press release which posted on its site. Basically, NBC was quoting itself and using EW as a proxy.

And not surprisingly, that "natural companion to The Office" line from Hollywood Reporter, well, it didn't come from a very glowing review.

So come Thursday night, take solace when you're sitting stone-faced as an overweight Indian actor is dancing seductively to the Pussycat Dolls that critics don't actually like this stuff.

But try not to think about the millions who still tune into $#!* My Dad Says and the inevitable four-season run CBS will bestow upon it.
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