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Nation of Experts Confidently Able to Comment On Nuclear Reactors, Macroeconomics, Central Banking, Currencies, Commodites and NCAA Basketball Tournament

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Having once upon a time stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, let me simply say this: world, I am humbly here to serve you. Awaiting your invitation to fix things.

But seriously, as of this morning I am no longer reading, watching or listening to any commentary from anyone not directly working to cool down the nuclear reactors in Fukushima Daiichi about what may or may happen at Fukushima Daiichi.

The final straw was commentary I just received via email about how the nuclear disaster is "worse than realized" with very negative economic implications, written by someone who in the second paragraph actually wrote the following sentence: "I have no expertise in these nuclear matters, so maybe I should keep my mouth shut." And yet, I read it anyway! What in the hell is wrong with me? That's it. I'm done.

Or, better, as Conor Sen put it, all of this has a direct placing in the current social mood: "This is a really fascinating socionomic moment. Twitter/blogs/proliferation of news sites allow us to write and read as much about a topic as we want, and come to whatever conclusion we want. The higher the barriers to entry on being an expert for the topic at large, the more fun it is. Also, note that social mood is profoundly negative despite the two-year equity rally. Put one and two together and it allows us to write our own negative story without any real knowledge of the facts. The fact that the story in question is a Japanese nuclear power plant -- really, how many of us know a thing about Japanese nuclear power plants? -- makes this perfect."

Despite the fact none of us know anything about nuclear reactors, or even Japan for that matter, all of us are confidently able to comment and interpret what we believe is going on exactly as Socionomics would predict we would. In other words, the Socionomic media/public response to the event is exactly what we'd expect with this level of social mood.

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