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MySpace Rearranges the Barnacles on the Present Day Titanic

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Without a feature film or an adorable bird-supported whale, MySpace isn't likely in gear for a comeback as social networking's top dog. Despite its remaining popularity overseas, the site's lack of innovation and flagging interest in the States paved the way for Facebook and Twitter to usurp the throne. After the mass migration of users, it's a testament to its chutzpa that the servers are still running.

But really, a redesign isn't going to bring anyone back. Flying in the face of logic and reason, MySpace -- or should I say "my[___]" -- has unveiled its new look.

Seemingly taking a cue from multi-hub look of Windows Phone 7, the home page is comprised of a series of boxes and quadrants which promote news, videos, pop culture items, and user content. Overall, the design achieves a goal similar to the site itself: to appeal to the youth market and alienate the adults.

Just the same, MySpace's pluckiness is admirable and ultimately benign. Like the washed up celebrity looking for his comeback, it doesn't really deserve our scorn. We should all remember the good times, the comments, the random hookups, and say, "Atta boy. Good for you."

Then ask the orderly to quietly usher the smiling, confused website back into the rec room to continue its game of checkers with Friendster and Napster.
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