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Mouse Movements May Influence Google Search Rankings

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Do me a favor? Keep your mouse right HERE while reading this. Yes, let it hover over the word "HERE", just for the minute or so it takes you to scan this. You don't even need to click. Thanks!

See, apparently, among the ranking factors Google (GOOG) uses to determine a website's showing in search results is a new patented feature that allows the search behemoth to track the position of a user's mouse on the screen -- without any clicks. A patent for this "innovative system and method for modulating search relevancy using pointer activity monitoring" was assigned on -- wait, please point your mouse back to HERE, above... thank you -- Tuesday.

"[The] patent allows the search enging  to collect information about where users hover mouse pointers when viewing search results and advertisements, and when using Google's OneBox music service."

Google explained: "A typical user's behavior [sic] is to move the mouse pointer (or any other pointing indicator) over or near a target informational item, keep the mouse pointer there for a period of time while the user reads the item's information (e.g., title and snippet), and then click through the underlying link or move to another item.

"Sometimes, a user may review multiple informational items responsive to a search query, moving a pointer over or near each of the informational items that the user reviews. These various pointer activities can provide another way to evaluate the user's feedback with respect to a particular informational item."
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