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Motorola Xoom's Demise Against Apple Briefly Ensured

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Last week, Engadget posted a snapshot of a Best Buy flyer which advertised the Motorola Xoom tablet for $799. At that price, I argued that Motorola priced the Xoom out of the market -- considering the entry price for a bare bones iPad ran customers $499. The Xoom's features and specs are better, granted, but the inevitable and imminent upgrade to the first-generation iPad will likely put it on par with the Xoom.

But Best Buy wasn't through yet. Soon after the flyer bearing a $799 price tag surfaced, Best Buy posted an online entry for the Motorola Xoom. A February 17 release was given, features and specs were detailed, and a ridiculous price was posted -- far exceeding the original cost.

Are you serious?! $1,199?! For a tablet computer?!

Not only is that more than double the entry value for an iPad, it's even more than a MacBook! In no way is $1,199 a suitable amount for Motorola Xoom.

But it was never meant to be.

The $1,199 price was intended as a placeholder value -- a temporary number that will be changed once the manufacturer finalized the actual cost. Also, similar to the rumored $999 pre-release price for the iPad, the inflated cost would make the final cost seem like a bargain. But whether Motorola or Best Buy was behind the decision to leak a $1,199 remains to be seen.

A few hours afterBest Buy posted the listing, it was taken down. Perhaps when it returns, it will bear the correct value.

After speaking to numerous sources, Engadget confirmed the price will be $799. Not nearly as outrageous at the placeholder price, but still, the Xoom can't adequately compete with the iPad at that price.

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