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Minyanville Launches New and Improved Daily Feed

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Justin Rohrlich:
Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy, Pep-ayyyyyyyyyy

Kevin Depew: J-Ro
So, I'm going to introduce the new Daily Feed today via AOL Instant Messenger. Like this.

Justin: Nice hahaha

Kevin: You're supposed to say, "Nice, what is it?"

Justin: Oh. Nice, what is it?

Kevin: The new Daily Feed is going to be one slamming, slideshow-spewing, lingerie-imaging, iPad and iPhone-mentioning... did I mention all the slideshows? ... and Apple and Steve Jobs?.... because those are critical keywords... daily blog.
Kidding! It will not be any of that. Except for the daily blog part.


Kevin: But it will be a daily blog covering current events and cultural happenings (such that they are) in the world of business and finance.

Justin: Sounds great

Kevin: By the way, you're one of the writers. Can't remember if I mentioned that earlier. Also, Mike Schuster.

Justin: Sweet, gotta some jingle in my jeans, get ready to fire up this pup

Kevin: No, that's for the Buzz and Banter. Also, this is the first Daily Feed post.

Justin: This conversation?

Kevin: Was i not clear on that? Sorry.


Kevin: Look, this stuff doesn't write itself. Well, it kinda does, but you know what I mean.

Justin: Just create some content. How hard could it be??

Kevin: Right. And now, we just have to get people to "eat it." (Mildly Inappropriate Tagline, but we mean that in the good way.)
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