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Mintel Releases Latest Market Research Report On U.S. Cheese Consumption

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My lord, if the damn report didn't cost $3995 (!), I'd have the "Cheese-US-May 2010" report from market research firm Mintel on my desk RIGHT. NOW.

It doesn't matter if you're a player in the cheese industry or not. This sort of study transcends all boundaries. Just look at what's in there:

--Attitudes to cheese and cheese buying behavior

--Budget shopper not lured in by cheaper cheese

--Sales and forecast—cream cheese/cream cheese spread

--Sargento floats to the top

--2009 not kind to cottage cheese brands

--Kraft moves beyond the bagel

But wait--it only gets better:

--Impact on cheese eating of lactose intolerance

--Cheese as a gift

--Types of cheese eaten, by marital status

--Types of cheese eaten, by level of education

And, my personal favorite:

--Attitudes towards cheese and drink parings, by age and household income

If anyone wants to go halves on the purchase price to get the scoop on these teases, let me know.

Actually, don't. I don't want a bunch of data ruining the mystique for me.
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