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Microsoft Celebrates Windows Phone 7, Own Awkwardness

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A shame Vincent Price wasn't around to narrate this fiasco. It would've really captured the deranged worldview.

Upon completing Windows Phone 7 and releasing it to manufacturing, Microsoft marked the occasion with a parade. But rather than an upbeat celebration with high fives among developers, Redmond really wanted to sell this moment. With a bewildering grasp of sales numbers and public opinion, the Microsoft crew held a mock funeral for the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry.

The key word here is "mock," but probably not how they intended.

Beneath a "Buries the Competition" banner, employees dressed as zombies, Darth Vader, gorillas, and drag queens gallivanted with an inflated sense of accomplishment and humor. A hearse was rolled out to lead an oversized iPhone and BlackBerry. Oddly enough, Android devices never made an appearance.

But even odder was the "Thriller" dance performed by the Microsoft team. Basically saying "We're no better than four-year-old viral videos," the group engaged in the choreographed number seemingly under the guise that this had never been done before and they were doing it better than anyone else could.

So in that sense, it was perfect manner in which to mark Microsoft's foray into smartphone development.

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