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Mexican Marijuana Smugglers Build Giant Weed Catapult at US Border

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If Machete gets a sequel, here's a suggestion for a plot device.

While monitoring the US-Mexico border from the Naco Border Patrol Station, troops in the National Guard caught drug deals smuggling marijuana across the border into Arizona. On a truck? Strapped to their backs? Some sort of elaborate tunnel system?

Nope. Two words: weed catapult.

With their Acme order forms filled, Mexican smugglers launched bulks of marijuana over the International Border fence last Friday. Bonus: There's video.

After observing the action and presumably laughing in awe, Border Patrol agents contacted Mexican authorities. After several translations of "No, seriously, a weed catapult," authorities went to the location but the smugglers had already fled. The catapult, the SUV, and roughly 45 pounds of marijuana were left behind.

In the smugglers' defense, Wile E. Coyote had difficulty with his experiments. In the future, authorities should keep an eye out for jet packs, tornado pills, or holes painted on the border fence.
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