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McDonald's Dollar Menu Price Increase Means No More Complimentary Side Order of Front Steps

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In the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco, a McDonald's restaurant at the corner of Haight and Stanyan streets has gotten rid of its Dollar Menu.

But a group of homeless San Franciscans believe the change has been undertaken by management as a ploy to get rid of them from hanging out in front of the store.

What cost 99 cents a month ago now costs $1.49. And you can't sit on the front steps of McDonald's unless you're a customer.

Natalie Gonzales, who owns the franchise in question, said, "The speculation as to why I no longer offer menu items for $1 in this location is absolutely false. This was a business decision based on a number of contributing factors. And while these items are no longer available at $1, they are still available at what I believe to be a good, everyday value."

Julie Wenger, marketing director for McDonald's Pacific-Sierra Region, explained that franchise owners change prices in response to customer demand, the Consumer Price Index, and a range of other factors.

Nicholas Newhart, one of the folks no longer able to afford the "rent" necessary to lease his spot out front, simply said, "Yeah man, it sucks."
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