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Marquee Capital Bets Future On... Madonna Memorabilia

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Investments in wine, art, and other alternatives are looking less and less "alternative" these days when compared with the portfolio Marquee Capital has cobbled together.

"Madonna is a good investment because she's the most successful female pop artist of all time,'' Chetan Trivedi, founder of London's Marquee Capital, told Bloomberg. "Many of the people who admire her now will be reaching the peak of their wealth in the next 10 years.''

Move waaaaay the hell over, Blackstone Group. You guys may own Hilton Hotels, but Marquee owns Madonna items including:

The 1985 "Material Girl'' dress

The 1986 "Open Your Heart'' gold-tasseled bustier

A set-worn "League of Their Own" Baseball Uniform

And those are just Marquee's "Platinum Assets."

"Gold Assets" include such show-stoppers as:

A Versace makeup case once owned by Madonna herself

A pair of gloves Madonna wore on stage

A black T-shirt signed by Madonna

As far as Marquee's "Silver Assets" are concerned, here's a small sample:

A promotional satin pillowcase signed by Madonna

A Madonna-owned baseball cap

A set of pearls worn in the movie "Truth or Dare."

According to Marquee Capital's website, "The company has five Directors, all of whom have a significant stake in the company."

And those directors, whose "significant stakes" in the company may be the only stakes in the company, are savvy enough to diversify.

Other assets in Marquee's portfolio include:

A silver motorcycle jacket worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in "Grease 2" (which also starred Adrian Zmed, who is not represented in Marquee's holdings)

A cowboy hat owned and worn by LaToya Jackson

And a dress once owned by Whitney Houston.

Can shareholders make investment recommendations? Marquee says:

"Our Investment Manager will be responsible for making investment decisions, however, we encourage any individual or groups to make recommendations on an ongoing basis. All potential investment opportunities should be channelled to our Investment Manager directly. We endeavour to assess the merit of all investment recommendations made to the company by existing shareholders."

Hey, here's an idea:

How 'bout trying to get your hands on the wad of Britney Spears' used chewing gum that was up for sale a few years back?

From the eBay auction description:

"It is completely preserved as you can see, with Britney's teeth marks highly visible! This is the chance to own a piece of pop history - right from the mouth of the princess of pop herself!"

Pull the trigger, fellas. I have a feeling discarded food is setting up to be the next hot commodity.
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