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Marijuana Meets Yelp, and Makes a Killing

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Few weeks back, Farhad Manjoo made the case that the reason why California’s Proposition 19 failed wasn’t poor voter turnout or a lack of general support. Rather, it was because marijuana already is essentially legal in medical form, and getting a prescription for it is “comically” easy.

To show just how commonplace the marijuana business has become, Manjoo directs us to a little website called, affectionately described as the “Yelp for marijuana.”

Over at WeedMaps, customers review marijuana shops for quality, price, selection, atmosphere, and more. And as a first time visitor to the site, I have to admit the reviews are a little odd in that they read like any run-of-the-mill restaurant review (atmosphere, parking, staff), except…they’re about a weed shop.

Here’s one review of Topanga Caregivers:

“Went here once with a friend, she didn't mind going back, but I definitely did. The bud was good, and the $45 cap is really the only reason worth coming here. Atmosphere was alright, but by the time I actually got inside, I was so weirded out it wouldn't have made a difference what it looked like.

I understand the place was robbed once, but they have security set up like a prison or something, and it took about 10 minutes just for me to get inside. When I pick up my meds, the last thing I want is to be treated like a criminal.

Parking space was limited but easy.”

Good to know about the parking. But here’s the kicker. isn't just a good resource.  It's also a very, very successful business that brings in about about $400,000 a month.

So here’s hoping that pot really is a gateway drug, because I just snatched up the following domain names:,,, and, just in case it ever makes a come back,
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