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Luxury Train Line Never Leaves the Station

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Either a sign of a sluggish economy or people are hesitant to board a train with a brazenly German company name, a luxury train service developed by billionaire Philip Anschutz will be shut down before its debut.

With ticket prices as high as $1,500, the Anschutz Corporation's American Railway Explorer was to begin its decadent voyages next summer. Traveling from California to such epicurean locales as Jackson, Wyoming and Crater Lake, Oregon, passengers would enjoy refurbished vintage rail cars with chef-prepared meals, elegant dining sections, and guided off-train day excursions.

And that's not even mentioning the thrill of finding the suspected murderer on board with a knife in his back!

The shutdown was unexpected to many people, including Todd Powell -- the general manager of the travel agency in charge of booking trips on the luxury service. He told the Denver Post, "[It's] kind of surprising, just because of the name behind it."

Again, with a name like Anschutz, it's not that surprising.

"Operating luxury trains in the U.S. has always been a challenge economically," Powell added. "Still, we had a list of 15,000 people who were potentially interested. There's going to be quite a few disappointed people."

If only there was some mode of travel faster than rail and had separate levels of accommodation.
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