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Look Out, Frito-Lay, Sushi Poppers Are Here

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Let's face it -- the snack world has become duller than ever. For all those who can't stomach the thought of yet another potato chip, relief is yours.

Nabisco. Frito-Lay. Procter & Gamble. Who can handle another summer of the same old, same old?

Lord almighty, your prayers have been answered!

Evan Kaye, CEO & Co-Founder of Popper Foods LLC, would like to introduce you to the Sushi Popper.

"Motivated by the need to eat sushi while on the go, I was interested in developing some sort of packaging that would be conducive to this," he writes. "My first thought was to use a device with a wind up wheel, similar to that used for deodorant sticks such that it would advance the sushi roll up as a wheel was turned. It was quickly apparent that a more simple push up methodology would be more suitable, and together with my Co-Founder, Lucas Furst, who also coined the brand name "Sushi Popper", we started experimenting with such a device."

I'll be tucking into a Variety Pack this weekend. It's 2 California rolls, 2 Chicken Teriyaki rolls, 1 Cucumber roll, and 1 Spicy Shrimp roll--a total of 42 pieces of sushi for only $29.95.

It's really incredible what you can put on a stick these days.

Goodbye cool ranch, HELLO SPICY TUNA!
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