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Live Fast, Die Rich, Afford Your Life Support

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Catherine Rampell at Economix covers a recent study which looks at the exorbitant cost of one's final year of life. Naturally, the longer we exceed an average lifespan, the higher medical costs and the price of just surviving become. But under the fundamentally broken health care system of America, the cost is completely ludicrous. Rampell writes:

"The study estimated that out-of-pocket health care spending in the last year of life amounted to $11,618 on average, with the 90th percentile equal to $29,335, the 95th percentile $49,907, and the 99th equal to $94,310.

Yes, you read that correctly: Health care spending in the last year of life by the top 1 percent of Americans is nearly twice the annual income of the typical American household."

So the lesson here is: He who dies with the most toys probably suffered an untimely death.
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