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The World's Riskiest Sovereign Debt in Easy-to-Read, Non-Slideshow Format

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Yesterday afternoon, while America slept it off, CMA DataVision released its second quarter report on sovereign risk. The report compiles "changes in the risk profile of sovereign debt issuers," econo-geek-speak for "countries financial markets consider increasingly likely to stop paying their debts."

CMA DataVision is one of those outfits that under normal circumstances you'd be lucky to never have heard about. After all, they primarily function as an independent credit default swaps (CDS) pricing service proividing intra-day and end-of-day price verification for single entity CDS's and CDS indices. I maintain that the majority of us would be much better off having no knowledge of these things whatsoever... but here we are.

Anyway, take a look at the report yourself, available here, or simply scan the list below of the World's Riskiest Sovereign Debt with the CMA DataVision cumulative five-year probability of default percentage. Alternatively, you can check out a gimmicky slideshow of the same data, if that's your bag.:

1. Venezuela, 58.7%
2. Greece, 55.6%
3. Argentina, 47.9%
4. Pakistan, 39%
5. Ukraine, 35.9%
6. Dubai, 29.4%
7. Iraq 29%
8. Romania, 25.5%
9. Latvia, 23.6%
10. Bulgaria, 22.8%
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