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LinkedIn IPO On the Way

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LinkedIn, billed as the largest social networking site for professionals, is reportedly set to file with the SEC for an initial public offering today, according to Bloomberg and other sources.

The company has retained Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase to lead the offering, Bloomberg reported, citing "a person familiar with the situation."

The company, which boasts a $2.5 billion dollar valuation, according to SharesPost, has more than 1,000 employees and says it has more than 90 million users.

It's true, Facebook, on the heels of a $500 million investment by Goldman Sachs is claiming a $50 billion dollar valuation, but keep in mind Facebook has more than 500 million users. Of course, it's also true that the vast majority of those users are playing FarmVille, hooking up with each other and/or searching the user database for old high school boyfriends and girlfriends, not looking for jobs, but the question remains: which market is easier to sell things to? What's that? Facebook helps people have amazing sex? Well, guess that answers that.
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