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Like Call of Duty, Microsoft Kinect Doesn't Need You to Play It Either

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Whether avoiding the wrath of a T. rex or abiding by the rules of freeze tag, remaining completely motionless has relatively limited utility in our modern world. More often than not, motion is required for humanity to work, play, and survive. In fact, movement is the very basis of Microsoft Kinect, the motion-capturing controller for the Xbox. But one game appears to follow in the footsteps of Call of Duty: Black Ops and doesn't actually need you to "play" it to complete it.

Last week, a video surfaced that showed the first mission in Black Ops doesn't require a single shot in order to complete it. With just 15 minutes of running, ducking, and looking, a player can complete the level.

Now, another YouTube video shows the Kinect game Joy Ride being run while keeping entirely still -- an arguably worse offense for a peripheral whose ads have players bouncing off the walls to use it.

Just think if he scratched his nose. He might've gotten 2nd Place.
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