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Life Without Google

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Evan Osnos reports firsthand about what it's like to live without Google. The short answer: it's not much different. "Under the old Google, searches brought up only a limited view of reality: a list of Tiananmen Square-related tour options, say, but no mention of the 1989 military crackdown there. Under the new system, a search for political landmines—the three T’s, as they’re known: Tibet, Taiwan, and Tiananmen—brings up an empty page. China’s digital filters, in other words, blocked them before the page could get back to me. Even this, however, does not feel like much of a surprise; as a foreigner living in China, one is already accustomed to tunnelling under the Chinese firewall with the help of a proxy server, a downloadable piece of software that carries a monthly fee."
SOURCE:   New Yorker