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Lexus Faulty Engine Recall for U.S. Vehicles, Too

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Boy, it's been a helluva year for Toyota (TM).

First the brakes go. Now the engines on a coupla hundred thousand Lexuses (Lexii?).

Japan daily Asahi said today repairing all 270,000 automobiles could cost Toyota 20 billion yen ($227 million).

But, let's look at this from an engineering point of view.

I mean, I'm no engineer, but I've met a couple before. And from what I can tell, Toyota has now unintentionally engineered its way out of a problem it engineered itself into:

The first recall was due to failing brakes.

The latest recall is due to failing engines.

Problem solved!

Your brakes go out, just sit back and wait for the motor to cut out.

There, I just saved Toyota $227 million.

You're welcome.
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