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'Lazy Fridays' Doing Wonders for Staff Morale

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Sydney's business community has embraced the Lazy Fridays movement, with offices across the city calling it quits mid-arvo (which we believe means mid-afternoon in sort of insane Aussie slang...)

In the land of weird, hopping quasi-rodents and the awesomely underrated Paul Hogan who deserved two Oscars for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, the financial community has embraced a phenomenon called "Lazy Friday" with such fervor that it almost negates the lazy.

"The Friday early head-to-the-pub is almost the unwritten rule. I'm not sure too many companies would advertise it, but it happens everywhere," one bank spokeswoman told the Sydney Courier-Mail.

Sydney Chamber of Commerce spokesman Chris Taylor said the trend was working wonders for staff morale.

"With workplace flexibility on the rise, businesses are finding more social options to balance the working life," Mr. Taylor said.

"There is a growing trend of people leaving a bit earlier on a Friday but they are staying and working later on a Tuesday."

Y'know--I stayed late this past Tuesday. If you need me "mid-arvo" I'll be at the Blarney Stone.
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