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Latin Leaders Question Move to Legalize Marijuana

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The Associated Press reports:

"The leaders of several Latin American nations on the front lines of the battle against drugs said Tuesday that a California ballot measure to legalize marijuana would send a contradictory message from the United States."

In a radio interview, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said, "How can I tell a farmer in my country that if he grows marijuana, I'll put him in jail, when in the richest state of the United States it's legal to produce, traffic and consume the same product?"

Mexican president Felipe Calderon and Costa Rican president Laura Chinchilla concurred.

Okay, we all know what's really going on here.

This has nothing to do with "contradictory messages." Come on, people--wake up! This is out-and-out protectionism!

Do you realize how much revenue marijuana generates for these countries? Of course Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico want to squash potential competition. Could it not be more obvious???

China artificially holds down the value of the yuan and everyone yells and screams, but a bald-faced ploy by Latin American leaders to destroy the US marijuana industry gets swept under the rug under the guise of "politics."

Jeez. Will wonders never cease.
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