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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Daily Feed Presents The Most Awesome Marketing Study EVER

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The lushly bearded Andrew Sullivan brings to our attention one of the most important marketing studies academia has produced, perhaps ever.

Gianluigi Guido, Alessandro Peluso, and Valentina Moffa, of the University of Salento, Lecce, have released a research paper titled--wait for it...wait for it...

Beardedness in advertising: effects on endorsers' credibility and purchase intention

The abstract:

"This research analyses the effects of endorsers' beardedness (i.e., the state of being bearded) on their perceived credibility and consumers' purchase intention for various categories of products. According to Ohanian (1990), credibility is a construct with three sub-dimensions: attractiveness, the degree to which the source's physical appearance and/or its perceived personality is appealing; expertise, the extent to which the communicator is perceived as a source of valid assertions; and trustworthiness, the degree of confidence aroused in perceivers. Recent research has demonstrated the possibility of associating the three sub-dimensions of credibility with different categories of products, depending on whether these latter ones possess specific characteristics that are congruent with one or another sub-dimension. In line with this approach, results show that bearded endorsers are perceived to be more credible and to have a positive influence on purchase intention, but these effects occur only in relation to specific kinds of advertised products. Theoretical and operational implications for communication strategies are discussed."

No, seriously. This is a real study. I'm not kidding. Really.
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