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Krispy Kreme Hands Off Day's Revenue in Doughnut Box

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Here are a few ill-advised locations to store a vast sum of cash: Under a hotel mattress, behind a loose brick in a fireplace, and inside an unmarked doughnut box near other identical doughnut boxes beside your doughnut shop's drive-thru window.

One Krispy Kreme manager in Fayetteville, North Carolina discovered the peril of leaving his store's daily revenue in one of these locations. Hint: it wasn't the hotel mattress.

According to WRAL-TV in Raleigh, the manager reported a theft of $5,000 when one of his employees handed off the cash at the drive-thru window rather than a customer's order. It also marked a record response time for the Fayetteville police force.

Sgt. Dan Grubb told WRAL that the manager's bulletproof system of putting the store's daily take in a doughnut box as a deterrent against theft was spoiled by its only flaw: his employees must also know of the routine. A worker unwittingly handed off the cash rather than the manager as he drove around.

As of Monday afternoon, no one has come forth with the money -- perhaps in recompense for the pain and suffering of having actually tried a Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger.
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