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KFC's Double Down Bunless Sandwich to Be Promoted by College Buns

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With domestic sales sagging, KFC has been casting about for creative advertising ideas. First it tried promoting its hot wings on municipal fire hydrants in exchange for fire-prevention funding. Now it’s pushing its infamous Double Down bunless sandwich by paying college women to advertise it … on their buns.

That’s right: The chicken chain is appropriating ad space normally reserved for sororities by paying attractive girls $500 to pass out coupons while sporting tight sweatpants emblazoned with “Double Down” on the backside.

Crass? Certainly, though it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, with other fast-food brands like Burger King having paved the way in sex-centric ads for greasy goods; witness its dancing “Shower Babe” breakfast campaign from last year.

The promotion is starting at Louisville’s Spalding University, and KFC plans to bring it to at least three more campuses, using Facebook to find willing human billboards. Presumably being a regular eater of the 540-calorie chicken-bacon-and-cheese concoction won't be among the qualifications they’ll seek in candidates.

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