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Kardashian Kard Kanceled

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CNN reports:

"Less than a month after the Kardashian Kard made its controversial debut, the reality show sisters terminated the glitzy prepaid debit card.

"The decision to dump the card comes after Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal wrote a letter Friday to the card's issuer, University National Bank, questioning the legality of the card's 'pernicious and predatory fees.'"

Pernicious? Predatory? Pshaw. Who would have a problem with a fee of $99.95 to own the card, a card purchase fee of $9.95, 12 monthly fees of $7.95, $1 fee every time you add money to your card, a fee of $1.50 to speak with a live operator, and a $2 fee per transaction when paying bills?

Then, of course there were a few additional fees, but who's counting, really?

In any case, don't expect too many tears to be shed over the cancellation of the kard. Only 250 suckers, er, kardholders, fell for the scam to begin with. Actually, wait--250? That many people signed up for this piece of s - -t??? Wow. This country's in worse shape that I ever imagined.
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