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Auto Company Known for Just One Thing Now Refuses to Make That One Thing

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What does the enlightened CEO do when the very future of the company hangs in the balance? Kill off the only thing that turns any sort of profit whatsoever, of course.

"As part of an effort to create a greener and more refined image, Chrysler and its new managers from Fiat SpA are demoting the Hemi, according to dealers who have been briefed by the company. The company will continue to offer the engine as an option in certain Jeeps and the Chrysler 300 sedan, but won't call it a Hemi in those vehicles. Instead, it will simply be called a 5.7-liter V8, they said," says a newspaper that turned 121 years old today.

The old-timey newspaper goes on to say that the Hemi "helped the 300 sedan become one of the biggest hits Detroit had produced in years, and other car makers grumbled they wished they had come up with a similar way to market their own V8s. At Ford Motor Co. (F), engineers referred to the Hemi as the "Hemorrhoid" because of the pain it was inflicting upon them."

Even Daimler AG had the good sense not to mess with the Hemi--arguably the most famous engine ever produced, as well as one that generated thousands of dollars in per-vehicle profit.

Sergio Marchionne thinks the American public will simply transition over to lusting for the Fiat 500, a toaster of a car designed for the narrow streets of Rome.

Sergio, Sergio, Sergio...oh, poor Sergio. Dove il tuo cervello?

There's a reason why Chevy sold 9,300 Camaros in June and has a six-month waiting list to buy one.

Hint: It's not because it comes with a lawnmower engine.
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