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It Takes Balls to Win This Cookoff

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It may not seem like a whole year has passed since the last one, but the seventh annual World Testicle Cooking Championship was held August 28 in a remote Serbian mountain village. Balkan residents likely found it not remote enough.

The cuisine is pretty standard: delectable entrees centered around the sexual organs of bulls, camels, ostriches, and other beasts from Greek mythology. As with any ridiculous part of the animal which people are coerced into eating, it's believed to boost male libido.

Ljubomir Erovic, Serbian chef and published author of a testicle cookbook, described the event as a great place to bring the family. "This festival is all about fun, food, and bravery," he told the Associated Press. A slogan suitable for Medieval Times if it didn't involve consuming broiled balls.

The description of the meals sound almost tasty until you remember the focus of the dish. Who wouldn't enjoy a moussaka with bechamel sauce spiked with local herbs and spices? Oh right, swimming inside is the manhood of stallions, boars, kangaroos, and bulls. I'll pass.

Last year's winner Zoltan Levai -- who presumably is carpeted with chest hair -- gave his own chef's recommendation. "The bulls' testicles are the best, goulash style." How this guy missed out on sweeping season after season of Fear Factor is still a mystery.

Still, not to diminish the courage and bewildering recruitment of the judges, the cuisine could be quite palatable if the taster remained ignorant throughout the festival.

Just ask "Mr. Lamb Fries."
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