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Is Jousting the Next Extreme Sport?

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When ESPN2 runs out of adrenaline-rush sports to broadcast, there's only one solution to fill the void: professional jousting.

The Gulf Coast International Jousting Championships outside Pensacola, FL took place in a 4,500-seat arena.

According to the New York Times:

"The championship event was created by two men, both professional jousters, who are on a mission to transform jousting from Renaissance-fair entertainment to arena sport. One is Shane Adams, the knight who unhorsed Tolle. The other is Charlie Andrews, a Hummer-driving former bull rider who spent six years as a Navy Seal and is hard-pressed to utter a sentence that doesn’t include at least one profanity. “I personally believe that Shane Adams and myself are the two best jousters in the world, period,” he says. “Anybody wants to argue it, you can come out and joust us or shut your pie hole.”

Wait, them sounds like fightin'... er... joustin' words.

The Times goes on to explain:

"Over time, modern jousters have learned the lessons of their medieval predecessors — plate armor protects better than chain mail, and more armor protects better than less. Even so, there are still plenty of injuries: concussions and dislocated shoulders, broken hands, assorted fractures and gashes. In one much-talked-about incident a few years ago, the Australian jouster Rod Walker suffered a partly severed penis (emphasis mine) when a lance veered south during a match at a Renaissance fair in Michigan — a targeting failure that might not have happened if both he and his opponent hadn’t been competing with broken hands."

Severed penises? Even the XGames don't involve severed penises. Neither does MMA fighting. Jousting is going to be huge. Mark my words.
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