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Is Google Still a Growth Stock?

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Since the end of 2009, GOOG is down 15% while the S&P is up 7%. Is Google now considered a value stock? The horror! "No single bright line separates growth stocks from value issues. But a hazy rule of thumb is that revenue growth is expected to be above 15% annually," the WSJ's Marketbeat blog reports. "During the quarter reported recently Google’s revenue growth was up 23% from the year-earlier period. That looks great, but Munster argues that it should have been a layup seeing as the comparison was with the first quarter of 2009, when the economy was in the toilet. The outlook is where the problem might be. According to data from Thomson Baseline, the consensus estimate for Google’s revenue increase for the year ending December 2011 is, you guessed it, 15%. That puts the company right on the fuzzy no man’s land between value and growth."
SOURCE:   MarketBeat