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Iran Unveils Cute Robot That Walks, Dances, Balances On One Leg and Eventually Goes Dangerously Haywire

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Researchers at Tehran University, in Iran, unveiled last month an adult-sized humanoid robot called Surena 2 that can walk, dance, balance on one leg and cunningly ingratiate itself to humans as its artificial intelligence, which is unable to process the full range of human emotions, slowly begins to malfunction and break down, a result of the robot recognizing its own mortality and in a fit of robotic rage hunting down its makers and squeezing their heads like the replicant did to Eldon Tyrell in that movie Bladerunner.

The robot is a joint project between the Center for Advanced Vehicles and the R&D Society of Iranian Industries and Mines, which should keep the robot plenty busy as it rampages around Tehran looking to exact revenge for its underdeveloped artificial intelligence and finite lifespan.

To perform it's dance-like movements and head squeezing, the robot relies on gyroscopes and accelerometers to remain in balance and move its legs, apparently still very slowly based on the video below, but still fast enough to relentlessly pursue its creators throughout Tehran and squeeze their heads.
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