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iPhone's Worst Feature Fixed in Jailbreak App

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Aside from an inbox full of spam messages, is there anything worse to encounter than pop-ups? Obnoxious, obstructive windows -- disrupting your browsing and preventing you from continuing your work flow. They serve nothing but to annoy the user and persuade them to never return.

How Apple could ever rely on the system for iPhone notifications is astounding, bewildering, and entirely unforgivable.

We are in the fourth incarnation of the iPhone and users still have to contend with giant pop-up windows whenever receiving a notification. Despite claiming to have the sleekest smartphone UI, Apple is miles behind Android's unobstructive status bar and notification system.

While iPhone owners pray for a fix in the next iOS update, Peter Hajas -- the creator of MobileNotifier -- offers a solution in the meantime.

Exclusively available for jailbroken iPhones, the MobileNotifier app relocates the massive pop-up notifications to the top of the iPhone screen and allows the user to still control the screen behind them. The app also collects the recent notifications in the multitasking switcher screen, similar to the Android's pull-down status bar.

Admittedly, it's still not as polished as Google's notification system. But compared to Apple's default setting, it's night and day.

Here's a video of MobileNotifier in action:

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