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iPhone Users Burned as Mozilla and Google Get Cozier

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Last year, Mozilla raised the ire of "walled gardeners" at Apple for its stance on jailbreaking. While Apple firmly believed that a legal iPhone owner jailbreaking his device is a violation of copyright laws, CEO John Lilly thought otherwise. He said, "Choice is good for users, and choice shouldn't be criminalized. The Internet is too important for all of us for that." And along with Apple's proprietary development kit, Mozilla announced it wouldn't be developing a mobile version of Firefox for the iPhone.

Well, over a year and a half later, the sentiments of the IE-runners-up haven't changed.

Covering the bookmark-syncing app Firefox Home for the iPhone, a Mozilla blog post addressed the company's thoughts on bringing Fennec -- or mobile Firefox -- to the iPhone. Putting it bluntly: "No Firefox Browser for the iPhone."

"We are working to bring as much of your Firefox experience as possible to Firefox Home. People have asked about adding more browser-like features to Firefox Home, but there are technical and logistical restrictions that make it difficult, if not impossible, to build the full Firefox browser for the iPhone. We are focused on building Firefox Home as a rich, cloud-based application and making it a valuable product that people will continue to love and use."

In the meantime, Mozilla will continue to develop Fennec for Android. The app was released as an alpha version last month, with a new version hitting devices this week.

Although the app has a ways to go before becoming a viable option to the default apps on either platform, battle lines have been drawn and Mozilla appears to opt for the operating system that's more open.
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