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iPhone Auto Correct Failures Compiled in New Blog

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Much has been said about the iPhone's persnickety Auto Correct feature -- mostly in garbled verbiage. Apple's mobile devices have a tendency to suggest curious alternatives to texted words, mostly for curses. The bizarre rants rival -- but arguably, do not surpass -- the hilarity of Google Voice's half-assed voicemail transcriptions.

Thankfully, the Internet would never allow a golden opportunity like this pass it by. The Pophangover blog network has launched Damn You, Auto Correct, compiling screenshots of various fails in Auto Correction.

The errors range from the profane...

to the Freudian...

to the ungodly offensive.

Looks like I have another site to add to my RSS feeds of cheeseburger-loving cats and Photoshop disasters.

But at the first whiff of its success, I'm launching the competing blog, "That's Not What I Swyped!"
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