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iPhone, Android, BlackBerry Welcome the Cos

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Having worshiped at the altar of Thursday night NBC comedies in the '80s and watched Bill Cosby's Himself roughly 200 times, I could safely wager that the man doesn't care for youth culture. Their inattention ("C'mere, c'mere, c'mere, come here, HERE!"), their disrespect ("You know, I brought you in this world, and I can take you out."), their MTV ("All that is is a nightmare set to music"), their wardrobe ("No 15-year-old boy should have a $95 shirt unless he's on stage with his four brothers").

So it's a tad surprising that the septuagenarian is embracing modern technology and releasing his own app.

The app -- aptly titled "Bill Cosby" -- features the curmudgeon's six decades of comedy in the form of audio, video, photos, and yes, Tweets. The eponymous app also details tour dates and, as Cliff Huxtable puts it, "will hurt your face and body parts."

As for the app's available platforms, The Cos says, "You'll find it on all things Apple, all things Android, and the berry of my people, the BlackBerry."

I'd be interested in hearing his new material, as I could probably recite the entire "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast" bit by heart now.

Here's Bill to tell you more.

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