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iPad 2 Mockup and Case Found!

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When it comes to future Apple products, there will always be scores of accessories purported to fit the unreleased gadgets -- courtesy from little known Chinese manufacturers. And in the last month, photos have surfaced of iPad 2 cases -- ones equipped to house a tablet with a slightly different design. With only a few weeks until the first anniversary of the original iPad's introduction, rumors are running rampant as to what the inevitable overhaul will bring.

And now, Engadget stumbled upon a mockup and case that will supposedly match what Apple will soon announce.

Engadget's Paul Miller spoke with manufacturer Dexim which exhibited the iPad 2 mockup and case. The device on display was slimmer than present day iPads, with a tapered edge that resembles the iPod Touch. The biggest changes are cameras, one in front and one in back -- sure to please users who had to take out another device to snap a photo. Also, the iPad 2 will possibly feature a larger speaker for better group movie-watching experiences.

If the case is legit as well, then it will be no less snazzy than the Apple product. A Bluetooth keyboard will magnetically adhere to the front of the iPad, acting like a book case. Unfolded, the set-up resembles a laptop. The case will also work without the keyboard, so those satisfied with the touchscreen won't be left out.

But is it all legit? Engadget thinks it would be odd that so many manufacturers would create their lines of cases based on unreliable information. And in terms of Apple's upgrades, a slimmer iPad with cameras and a better speaker isn't out of the question.

Now let's hope for a Retina Display and dual-core CPU.
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