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Iowa State Patrol Running Out of Gas Money

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It shouldn't surprise anyone to hear that Iowa -- just like nearly every other state in the union -- is facing intense fiscal pressure.

What is somewhat surprising, however, is that the Iowa State Patrol doesn't have enough money to keep their police cars gassed up.

According to Radio Iowa, the current statewide average is $3.41 a gallon. But Iowa State Patrol Captain Curt Henderson says his agency "is budgeted for just $2.34 a gallon."

“So, obviously we’re facing prices of more than one-dollar a gallon more than what we’re budgeted for,” Henderson said. “Gasoline is a pretty critical component of what we do or use in our organization. This creates some concern for us and it’s something we’re watching very closely.”

Yeah, some would say that gasoline is a pretty critical component as far as fulfilling the department's mission goes. However, the force is really stuck, as its staffing level (370 troopers) is the lowest it's been since the late 1990s (455 troopers).

“Being down 85 troopers is enough of a shortage in and of itself -- that we just can’t justify pulling any more people off the road,” Henderson said.

Oil? Police? What better opportunity to slug in a Conoco Phillips (NYSE: COP) chart?

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