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Infographic: What Percentage of Americans Have a Passport?

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They say that traveling broadens the mind. Opens the individual up to new patterns of thought. It allows us to experience exotic cultures and forge bonds with people abroad. To learn. To grow.

It's also damned expensive.

So as airlines continue to play "how high can we go?" with ticket prices, many Americans have few options other than, "Let's see what Cincinnati's like!" And to cram the kin in the car for a five hour drive, one doesn't need a passport. In fact, as Americans -- with only two countries on either side -- many go through life without ever getting a passport.

But which state holds the claim for possessing the most travel-ready citizens?

Using information supplied by, C.G.P. Grey compiled the state-by-state numbers of those who possess a US passport and assembled a very interesting infographic. At 68.36%, New Jersey comes out on top as having the greatest percentage of passport-carrying residents. Conversely, Mississippi trails the 49 other states with 19.86%.

I'll leave you to yourselves to make jokes about a Mississippian's fear of foreigners and the undying need for people to get the hell outta Jersey.

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