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Infographic: Ten Huge Corporate Freeloaders

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We're a little over a week away from ponying up a percentage of our wages like good little citizens. It's our duty, it's what makes us a society. Granted, a few trillion should be reallocated to things that truly matter, but it doesn't seem we'll ever agree on what those initiatives should be.

What we can agree upon, however, is that the corporate fat cats have far too many tax loopholes at their disposal which allow them to skirt mountains of annual fees. Despite CEO salaries surpassing the GNP of small countries and a wealth gap that puts the Grand Canyon to shame, there are some people who will argue that taxes for the wealthiest 1% should be cut even further.

Specifically, people within the wealthiest 1% and folks in the bottom 99% who have never picked up a newspaper in their entire lives.

To give you an idea of how much Corporate America is gaming the system, here's Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' list of egregious corporate freeloaders.

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