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Infographic: Seven Shocking Searches Google Doesn't Censor

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With the Feds busting down BitTorrent search engines left and right, it's understandable that Google would want to distance itself from peer-to-peer file sharing. But that might be hard, especially since you need only add "filetype:torrent" to any Google search query and receive the same type of results as one of the sites that the Feds shut down.

But Google's not disabling the "filetype:torrent" parameter. For now. Rather, the Search Giant is hiding the Google Suggest and Google Instant results for any search query related to BitTorrent. Type in "bittorren" and Google won't finish the rest for you.

On the other hand, here are a few surprising search queries that Google will finish for you -- courtesy of Techi. Click for a larger view.

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