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Infographic: Products Born to Fail

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It's called Planned Obsolescence. A company purposefully designs a product to become broken, unusable, or incompatible after a period of use. It might be as small as a lightbulb or as expensive as an Xbox.

In addition to being a financial nuisance, Planned Obsolescence -- not to mention unconscionable corporate greed -- can be blamed for choking the environment with non-biodegradable garbage. Even the items that don't sell, but are deemed obsolete, make up a large portion of environmental waste -- especially unused computers, 75% of which are now scattered throughout this planet's many landfills.

Mocking up another fantastic infographic, Fixr covers the many products we own that will be thrown out in due time -- including iPods, reference books, game consoles, and fashion trends.

Thanks again to Fixr's Raul Amoros for the link!

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