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Infographic: Facebook Vs. Twitter

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For two social networking behemoths boasting diametrically opposing structure and content, their stats are astoundingly similar. Their inherent uses may be different, but Facebook users have much in common with Twitter users -- despite a separation of 300+ million users. (PC World places the number of Twitter users closer to 200 million, which is a far cry from this infographic's total.)

Below is a rundown of Facebook and Twitter users -- as well as their personal info -- courtesy of Digital Surgeons.

As you can see, brand recognition isn't a problem for either service. While Facebook touts a higher rate of daily logins, Twitter users post far more daily updates and are more inclined to log in via a mobile device. Also, while a greater percentage of Facebook users follow a brand, Twitter users are more likely to purchase from that specific brand.

And as for age, gender, income, and education, all are fairly uniform. Both skew female and aren't particularly popular with people over 55 or those who make over $100K per year. And falling in line with recent reports, Twitter hasn't caught on much with the high school crowd but is huge among college students compared to Facebook.

All in all, some interesting stats regarding two of our chiefest forms of online communication.
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